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Goebel Hummel Trademarks

Identifying a Hummel Trademark can be crucial in finding its true value, use the pictures above to find out which TMK your Hummel is. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about your Hummel Trademark.


Brenda said...

I have a Little Hiker - on the bottom is 16 2/0 with a blue "V", bee in the center and below that is Western Germany written out in black. Also next to the blue V is a small blue dot. This "hiker" has a staff that is parallel to his right cheek. I don't see this particular Little Hiker with those markings any place. Please advise. Thank you

Madeline said...

Hi there, I have a Hummel 124, Hello figurine. It appears to be older, but it has no marks on the bottom, with the exception of Germany (in black) stamped on the bottom, and the incised initials UN. How old is this piece? It is crazed, and as I stated, seems to me to be older. Can you help?
Many thanks, Chloe

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a few Hummel figurines that my grandmother gave me. She purchased them in Germany while my grandfather was station there. My question is about the trademarks and value.
On my "Goose Girl" it has both TMK 1 which is engraved and TMK 2 which is stamped. Why would it have both trademarks? It is in excellent condition.
I also have "Prayer Before Battle" TMK 2 great condition, and "Doll Mother" TMK 2 in ok condition. Any help you could give me is appreciated. Thank you, Ashley

1Green Thumb said...

Hi There,

Some of the Hummels will have both trademarks... I would look very carefully at the incised one... They do also have a incised TMK2 as well so be sure you don't have one of those. Good luck!

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