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Ride Into Christmas Hummel #396

This Hummel #396 Figurine is called "Ride Into Christmas" and makes an adorable addition to your Hummel collection. This one was recently sold on Ebay, but we should have more in stock soon. This Hummel features an adorable little child getting ready to sled down a hill.

UPDATE: We currently have a Ride Into Christmas TMK 5 in stock now!

Little Fiddler Hummel Figurine

This next Hummel in our collection is called the "Little Fiddler". This Hummel figurine is one of the most popular styles and comes in many different sizes. The Little Fiddler pictured above is a TMK7 and was recently sold on Ebay. Check back soon for availability!

UPDATE: There is currently another Little Fiddler figurine available for sale here!

Goebel Hummel Doll Mother #67 TMK 3

Up for sale is this VINTAGE "Doll Mother" Hummel #67 Figurine! This Hummel features a young girl with her doll in a baby carriage. Super cute!!! It is identified as #67 with the TMK 3 trademark on the bottom which dates it between 1960-1972. This Hummel stands 4-3/4" tall and would make a great addition to any Hummel collection! If you would like to buy this Doll Mother Hummel Figurine TMK 3 #67 for $129 with FREE shipping inside The United States just click the blue buy now button below.

UPDATE: Sorry this Hummel is currently out of stock, please check back soon.

Singing Lessons Hummel #63

This next Hummel in our collection is titled Singing Lessons and is a TMK7 #63. This Hummel paints the picture of a young child getting singing lessons from a friendly bird perched atop their shoes. This Hummel was recently sold, but it expected to be back in stock shortly.

Make A Wish Hummel #475

Have a look at this Hummel Figurine entitled "Make A Wish" #475. This cute Hummel features a little girl sitting down making a wish for the future. Sorry this one is not available for sale at the moment, but check back soon!

Birthday Serenade Hummel #218

This next Hummel Figurine is entitled Birthday Serenade #218. It features a music duet of Boy With Accordian and Girl With Flute and is downright adorable. Sorry this one is currently unavailable, but check back soon as our inventories grow.

Tuba Player Hummel #437

This adorable Hummel Figurine entitled Tuba Player is not the easiest to find. This one pictured was already sold, but if you express interest by leaving us a comment we can try and locate one for you. This Hummel features a young boy practicing on his very large Tuba. Book value for this Hummel #437 is well over $200.

Goebel Hummel Trademarks

Identifying a Hummel Trademark can be crucial in finding its true value, use the pictures above to find out which TMK your Hummel is. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about your Hummel Trademark.

Apple Tree Girl #141 TMK3

This vintage TMK3 Apple Tree Girl Hummel Figurine #141 is available for purchase just buy clicking the blue Buy Now button. It features a young girl sitting on top of an apple tree in the Springtime. This Hummel has no chips or repairs, only the tiniest bit of crazing near the trademark on the bottom. This nature aging is to be expected on a piece of this vintage nature. Hurry this Hummel pictured is the only one available of its kind, once it's gone, it's gone! This can be yours for $79 with Free Shipping inside the United States! Just click the Buy Now button for secure checkout through Google.

How To Clean Your Hummel

Learn how to wash your Hummels in this video below... Trust me this actually works! Restore those old dusty Hummels figurines into their former glory!

Friend Or Foe Hummel #434 First Issue

This cute little Hummel Figurine is entitled "Friend Or Foe" and was only first issued in 1991. As you can see the trademark on the bottom identifies this as a TMK 6. It is approximately 4" tall and features a bright eyed child looking in amazement at a grasshopper that has landed on their shoe. Sorry this Hummel is not currently in stock, but check back soon for updates!

Girl With Doll Hummel #239/B

This "Girl With Doll" Hummel figurine is certainly not the most valuable, but is still a nice addition to a Hummel collection. This one of a three part series of #239s. This one is #239/B and is signed on the bottom by Masterpainter Kerstin Klenke in 1992. The trademark on this Girl With Doll Hummel is TMK7. A similar Girl With Doll Hummel is available here!

Goose Girl Hummel #47/0

This cute Goose Girl Hummel figurine #47/0 is one of my personal favorites. It features a little girl and two geese looking for a hand out. This Hummel is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs!  It is identified on the bottom as a TMK5.

If you would like to buy this Goose Girl Hummel Figurine #47/0 TMK5 for $99 with FREE shipping inside The United States just click the blue buy now button below.

Hummel #59 Skier Figurine

Our next adorable Goebel M. I. Hummel is a figurine entitled "Skier". It measures #59 a full 5-1/2" tall by 3-3/4" wide and is identified as a TMK6 Hummel #59. A great Christmas gift for any Hummel collector featuring a child in skis attempting to manuever down the mountain.

UPDATE: We currently have any Skier Hummel Figurine available here!!!
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